I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in December 2008. This is my blog about my life living with the roller-coaster world of MS with a little humor and advice thrown in!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Super Hero MS Vision?

What is with my MS vision lately???    Although that sounds rather Super Hero-ish I don't think it is.  I went early today to do some grocery/Christmas shopping at Sam's and Wal-mart.  When I walked in to both stores the brightness or something about the lights almost dropped me to my knees.

Am I a vampire??  no, that's the sun.   Is the bright fluorescent lighting messing with my head??  Maybe all the wide-open space? 

Whatever it is when I go to those stores of that type my vision gets rather swirly and I just want to cover my eyes.  Throw in some vertigo and instant panic and my shopping mood comes to a halt.   

Maybe it's not MS.  Maybe it's just me. Maybe I have some kind of allergy to discount shopping.  

If anyone else with MS has this issue then whew!  I feel better.  I would google this symptom but I'm not a fan of all thousands of other ailments it might say I have!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Target Military Meltdown

After my teen fool incident yesterday (yes, he came home and apologized and found his Star Wars pen in the bushes.. see last post)  I felt some retail therapy was in order.  Maybe some some special Christmas gifts for the teen fool.  Lol.   I can't stay mad at them long.  They are so darn funny and cute!

I needed to mail my Christmas gifts to my sweet oldest baby boy overseas. He's in the Navy and if I don't send it this week he won't get it til February. (Lesson learned the hard way last year)  I wanted to pick up one more thing. Maybe something Christmasy.

Well, there I am in Target when I am struck by the Christmas spirit in the form of a glittery snowball.  That played music!!  That had a little 2013 stamped into the base!  That suddenly reminded me that my Navy baby will not be back home until next July just briefly.   Yes. I will get this for him.  So he will hear a little Christmas tune and think of cold weather and snow. And maybe he will think of his family and especially his Mom who cries every week and misses him so much and OMG I have lost it completely in Target.  In the Christmas Dept.  

I haven't heard his sweet voice in months.   We have been able to email about once every two weeks and that's it. 

To everyone who witnessed the crazy blonde clutching two snow globes while crying and pretending she wasn't.   Who was wiping the snot on her sleeve because she didn't have any tissues on her. I am sorry for my messy display.

And to all my fellow Military Moms out there, Thank you for understanding.  It sucks.

Teen Fools

Teen Fool

Let me start by saying I love my teens.  Surprisingly they don't drive me crazy.  Yet.   I've been on guard waiting, watching for them to turn into teen fools. You know, belligerent, forgetful, obnoxious, smelly etc. ie. Fools.   My oldest did that somewhat so I am prepared.

My 14& 15 are either delayed in that department or heaven forbid not going to become teen fools.......HaHa   That's a good one.  I'm delusional.  Of course they will.  It's just a matter of time.

My 15 year old didn't want to turn in Dr. note this morning from being sick yesterday.  To me it's a $110 piece of paper saying he didn't feel good yesterday so don't turn us in to the truancy dept.....

  Why didn't he want to turn it in?   Good question.  Who the hell knows.  He said he'd do it Monday.  Nope, I said "you'll do it today and then you won't have to worry about it". 

He got pissed and slammed out the door.  Threw his new cereal box toy pen in the bushes. (who knew that teens still love those cheap toys in cereal??) 

Now he's texting me saying he doesn't know why it was a big deal (it wasn't. He made it a big deal.)  And that maybe he shouldn't go on overnight camping trip tonight.  His attempt at reverse psychology?  Silly boy.  I've got years of that ahead of him.   What a twit.  I think I'll call his bluff on that one.  That will make him think a little and maybe just maybe the almighty Mom is a tad on to him.  

Hmmmmm.  I don't have girls so I'm putting this one in the "Drama" category.

Or better yet Let The TEEN FOOL games begin..........