I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in December 2008. This is my blog about my life living with the roller-coaster world of MS with a little humor and advice thrown in!

Friday, December 28, 2012


So I'm working on being rested and restored after all the holiday hoopla! Fours straight days of go go go has put me on the DL list for a couple of days :(   Hope everyone took precautions on staying healthy this season. 

    Now it's time to  focus on the new year.   Hopefully, that means that the new oral drug for Multiple Sclerosis BG-12 will be on the market soon.   BG-12 is a new oral drug by Biogen Idec.  The reviews are promising in the fact that side effects are minimal.   Good news for all of those who are still taking injections. (Me!)  And this particular oral med seems better in that department than the two latest on the market.  (hair loss?, heart monitored? No thanks.)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Christmas Diagnosis

I hate to admit I am one of those people that likes to rush through the Christmas holidays and just get to the other side of normal. It might have something to do with me being diagnosed with MS at this time of year or I'm just one of those types who gets lost in all the craziness. 

Four years ago this week I was diagnosed with Relapsing-remitting MS.  We had just transferred 6 months prior to Murfreesboro TN for my husband's job.  We sold our small business of 16 years and I stepped out of the real estate business (just in time for the economy to tank so no hardship there)  That was hard enough except the city we were supposed to be moving to was Tampa Bay Florida area.  My husbands company made the change 2 weeks prior to moving.  I had researched the Florida location and we were flown down to look at housing, neighborhoods, schools, etc.  Everything was in place.  Then the change of locale happened.  I was a train wreck.  I know nothing about that area or schools.  We drove up on one weekend and his company helped us find a house and the next weekend we were there for good.  It was one of the hardest things we did.  I hate going into something blind. 

After several months I found a job, our neighborhood was phenomenal, we started making friends, the boys school  was wonderful.   Then I started getting a numb tingling feeling in my arm.  This quickly morphed into complete numbness from my forehead and left side to my left fingers.  I couldn't write. I slurred when I talked.  I went to the Dr because my husband was worried I was having a stroke.   The Dr. ruled out a stroke but sent me for an MRI.    Within several weeks I had so many tests run and finally the all scary lumbar puncture.  After all that my diagnosis was a firm MS. By then, I was so sick.  My vision was completely off whack, I dropped 25 lbs in a matter of weeks, My gait was unsteady and I was in a constant panic attack. I wasn't even sure what Multiple Sclerosis was much less what would happen to me  by having it. It was a horrible time for me.   I was hospitalized several times and given IV steroids to help speed up the exacerbation's recovery.  

I will never forget that Christmas season.  

Finally by that next spring I started feeling better.   But, by then I knew what MS could do to me. And did.   It took me several years to come to terms what I now was able to do vs what I used to do.  And also, how to take care of myself and try to help flare-ups be not so severe or scary. 

In my eyes, I'm a better person now since my diagnosis.  I am more calm,  I am kinder and patient with others. I take medication properly and take care of myself. I look at my boys with constant wonder.  My disease has given me a better outlook on life.  

I now help people now who are newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  If I can give anyone hope or guidance and make that first year not so scary then I am happy :) 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Fatigue

Holidays are definitely here!   I had every intention of going shopping all day yesterday.  Have been feeling great and was ready to roll.  Somewhere between coffee and shower  that sleepy fatigue slipped in.  You know the one.  That walking and thinking in mud kind.   Seriously??  I had plans!!!  

Well, best laid plans and all that.   Sometimes MS symptoms bring everything to a grinding halt.   Sometimes the fatigue sticks around for days. Other times it's fleeting.  Lucky for me it cleared up just in time to head to a Christmas function.  But, there have been many times where it doesn't give you that respite.  

Today, I stayed in my jammies and did a ton of Christmas shopping online.  (Thank you Amazon!)  I showed that MS b%$## that I'm still in charge. So there!! And if she even dreams of making me miss my baby #2 baritone boy sing in his choir concert tonight  I will again prevail and show her she will never win with me.  :) 

Seriously though,  it's best to ALWAYS be prepared for whatever symptom flies your way.  Take it in stride. Modify what you need and keep going.   Live your life to the fullest.   You won't regret it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's Another Birthday

Well, another birthday is here.  Birthdays as far as birthdays go don't bother me. I just let them float on by and feel unchanged from year to year.  I'm really not into age issues.  And if someone wants to acknowledge it that's fine. For the last few years birthdays are a frame of time for me to judge how my MS is doing since my last birthday. 

I sat down today and reflected on this fall, past summer, spring, winter and how I felt.  And too be honest it's been a pretty good year.  Winter was kind of a bummer along with spring with normal ailments ie. colds, allergies.  But, as far as MS symptoms go it wasn't horrible.  Or maybe this is my first whole year to deal with the symptoms and keep going or know when it's time to rest and not push it.    Hmmmmm.  I had bouts with fatigue worse than ever and numbness along with muscle spasms.  But, with medication, support and exercise it didn't make me panic as much and worry about future flare-ups.  Interesting. 

So, I'm good. I'm still walking, talking and being me.  Bring on the birthday cake.   I'm ready to celebrate!