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Friday, June 12, 2015

Flare Up with Old Lesions

I thought the title sounded kind of sexy! 

 But, my flare-up that started 9 weeks ago is not :(

So, in all my knowledge of MS I did not realize that a flare up could be from an old lesion.  I love it when I learn something new about MS.  Kind of.

9 weeks ago I had shingles.  Again.  4th time.  On my butt.   And a bad cold.   Fun. (actually hellish) When those two things started dying down I realized my right side was extremely weak.  Then come the tingles.  (luckily mine aren't uncomfortable. I've heard some are)  Now the tripping starts. And my pals fatigue and cog fog to the extreme.   Surprisingly it takes me a couple of weeks to put it all together.  After a fall getting out of the dentist chair (embarrassing)  it dawned on me.  Could this be a flare-up?   (nobody said I was the brightest bulb)

 An MRI and a visit to my neurologist who tells me it is a flare-up but the good news is that it is a flare-up from an old lesion.  Which she believes was triggered by the shingles or cold or both.  That is why I'm so paranoid when I get a cold or bug.  

Apparently old symptoms and flares from an old lesion are common.  What we don't want is a exacerbation of a new lesion.  That would mean progression. 

And since I've had these symptoms before it has been easy to deal with. 

So, don't panic over a flare-up.  It could be a flare from an old flame.....

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