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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just Be Nice

My boys school has a new slogan called Just Be Nice.  JBN is posted everywhere.   I think it's one of the better slogans in life to teach and pass on to our kids.  In fact,  I felt like I should incorporate some JBN in my life. 

Does it seem like everytime you turn around someone is telling you about their sister-in-law just got diagnosed with MS. Or someone thinks they have MS and corners you with all their symptoms to see what you think.  Does every 3rd person have MS now???   Or think they do???

As a peer for the National MS Society I actually get a lot of emails from people who think they have MS.  I understand if you have scary ailments and the internet suggests MS.  But please go see a Dr and get a firm diagnosis of what you have.  Don't try and diagnose your self. 

Who on earth would want to go through the stress and anxiety of NOT KNOWING what is wrong with them.   I know testing can take a while and their are A LOT of diseases and problems out there.  

Getting a firm MS diagnosis can give you the determination to start taking disease modifying meds and taking care of your self while moving forward.

With so many people asking me if I think they have MS or someone they know maybe has it I have really had to pull out my Just Be Nice card.   

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