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Thursday, September 20, 2012

BG-12, Not so graceful moments

Ok,  for all my MS research, blogs and communities how come I just learned about the new oral drug BG-12????    Have I been under a rock?   My Mom txt'd me this morning and saw it on Headline News.   Seriously?    While this whole week I have been debating between losing my hair with Terflunomide or having my heart slow down and stop with Gilenya there has been BG-12 on the horizon?   After googling everything I  can about it, the low side effects and potential disease slowing results sound fabulous to me.     Wow,  it sounds like the wonder drug of MS.   Think I will gladly wait a couple more months off Copaxone to try it.   :) 

So, I'm not the most graceful gal in the world.  I slipped on my patio steps a couple of nights ago and went boom.  A sprained wrist, bruised back, severely bruised bottom (I swear, I had no idea a bottom could bruise so bad!) and various other aches and pains has left me pretty much couch/bed ridden.  Sitting in a chair is barely tolerable.   Of course, my issue is I don't want to go out in public and have friends think it's an MS thing.   We MS'ers actually do and can have accidents and mishaps that aren't MS related.  But, when you have people looking at you under the MS microscope it's hard to convince them (in my case)  that is wasn't a balance issue.   lol   It's actually easier to blame MS than to admit what a klutz I am.


  1. I'm waiting for BG-12 as well. I stopped Copaxone in March because it was a pain in the butt, hip, leg, belly LOL and I didn't really see that it was worth all the effort. But BG-12 is looking pretty danged good. My neuro told me about it at the first of the year. He's pretty cool in that he'll tell me stuff & let me research it and come to a decision.

    1. Isn't it great to have a good neuro? I'm in agreement on BG-12 looking good!


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