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Monday, January 6, 2014

Never Ending Cold Part 2

Ok,  so my "common" cold from last post turned into the cold/virus/flu whatever that lasted oh about 3 weeks.  For my husband as well.   So, I couldn't get the holidays over fast enough.  And of course after 2 weeks I start to panic thinking of all the stories of people with the flu dying or it turning into something worse. And the ever present fear of a virus turning into a full blown MS flare up.  Yeah,  good times.

But, now it's finally gone except for a few lingering coughs.  And of course it has turned super cold here in the south.  I already looked like a bag lady for weeks and the look will apparently continue until April......  

Still, the good news is that I have felt "MS great".   I have had Tecfidera flushing more frequently which is annoying but tolerable.   I do hate waking up at all hours with my face feeling like a bad sunburn.  Creepy.

I hope all is well for everyone.  And no I made no New Year resolutions.  Silly.  

Stay warm.

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