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Friday, November 2, 2012

MS Community Involvement

Getting involved with your local MS community can be a excellent way to meet people who are close to MS.  Whether a fellow patient, a caregiver or a relative.  Also, your local chapter of the National MS Society has events going on through out the year.  They might not be in your home town but, signing up for the local chapter news letter can give you contact information that might be close to where you live. 

  There is a local lunch group that meets in my area once a month and it is nice to be around fellow MS'ers who you can understand and sympathize with your symptoms.   I didn't realize how hard I was trying not to complain or voice my symptoms as to not sound like a whiner until I went to a group. Wow! how refreshing to let it all out!!  

There are also some great sites that can get you linked with patients in your area or have similar concerns.   Patients Like Me is a great website and has an excellent MS community.  Also, the National MS Society has boards and groups as well as volunteer opportunities.   I am an online peer for the NMSS and have helped newly diagnosed MS patients with their thoughts and concerns. The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America is extremely helpful for finding local chapters and sending cooling vests and other products.   Just because you have MS doesn't mean you can't extend a hand to others.   And in my case it makes me feel better as a person to have what I call "MS outlets".  It helps keep MS from being on the forefront of my life. 

Now I will get off my MS soap box and wish everyone a happy weekend!!!

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