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Monday, November 5, 2012

Yummy Yoga


Plop, plop, splat......No, it's not raining. It was my sweat hitting my yoga mat. ewwwww. I'm back in a hot fusion yoga class after 6 months. Why, oh why did I quit??    Well, to be honest because of the lack of friendship between MS and heat.  I've been taking some regular Yin classes but dropped out of the hot class this summer.   I think it was just too hot this summer to deal with it.   But with this cooler weather my muscles tighten up and I have found yoga to be my friend.  Anyhoo, I'm back and talk about relaxed... The room is heated to 90+ degrees and you feel like butter. Your poses are deeper, your yin and yang entwine, your mind is centered. (read: blank) Lovely. I hope this feeling lasts til tomorrow. If you have never tried any type of yoga I recommend it highly for MS patients.    The stretching helps your muscles immensely and for those of us with muscle spacticity that is heavenly.   The mental side helps you focus and detach from physical discomfort.  Perfect huh??!!  For all Ms'ers who have heat issues there is a wide variety of yoga classes that don't involve heat.   And any good instructor will always point out that every ones body's are different and only go as far as your body allows.  So put on your strechy pants and get moving!

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