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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shingles Anyone?

So I had my first appointment this week with a new Doctor.  (from my health care team? post earlier this week)  Can I just say "love him"!!  I've been needing an actual Dr. since I've been using a Nurse Practitioner for the last year. (not a fan of the Dr. over her)

I went in thinking it was going to be a waste of time and we wouldn't "click".   But, to my surprise I was extremely impressed with his MS knowledge.  Come to find out his wife has MS!  And she goes to the same neurologist I do at Vanderbilt in Nashville!  Whooo Hoooo!   I think we have a winner!!  

After a thorough exam I found out I was running a fever and not well.  I thought I was just feeling crummy  because that's what we do when we get older.  Feel crummy.   He asked about any rashes  and actually I had a weird one on my bottom of all places.  (nothing like showing your bottom at 8:30 in the morning to a stranger!)   Instantly he told me it was shingles.  I might have known that if I could see that side of me.  And I had a bad pain that went around my waist.  Super.  So I come home with 4 prescriptions. I really need to get in good with my pharmacist.  Maybe make him some banana bread or something to defray my prescription costs!  lol 

I am so glad that I read that article about having your MS health care team.  It got me motivated to add and revamp my team.  So take it from me.  It can make a difference surrounding yourself with quality health care professionals that work for YOU.  (and that you like!)

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