I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in December 2008. This is my blog about my life living with the roller-coaster world of MS with a little humor and advice thrown in!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Primary Care Physician

Another rainy day! But , that's ok.  It gave me a reason to go to my 3 month check-up in my pink rain boots!   If it's going to rain it's only fair that I'm able to splash freely in puddles!  

So,  I hope everyone is having a relapse free new year.  And, I certainly hope everyone is staying well and keeping germ free.  As I'm sure most of you MS'ers know what havoc a virus can wreak on our bodies and possibly set off an exacerbation.   With this particular bad flu ridden season it's best to go the extra mile in staying healthy.

Staying on top of your Dr appts. regularly is a good way to keep on top of our health.  Sometimes a Dr catches something that we have ignored or just didn't see the signs.   

I am glad to report my 3 month check-up was good.   Please note your primary care physician can be equally important as your neurologist.   They will keep track of minor illnesses and keep a good rapport  with your neurologist.   If your primary care physician is not as concerned with your MS as you think they should be please talk with them or possibly seek out another Dr. 

I was very lucky to find a Dr. who's wife has MS and even goes to the same Neurologist so he is all over my MS!!!

Ok, enough lecturing!!   Don't forget, I am not a Doctor or therapist.  I am just a patient with MS who shares her thoughts, opinions and experiences. 


  1. Tonya Adamski
    3:50 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I discovered it today while researching drug treatments for MS for my husband. He was just diagnosed in October. Your quest for health and the right treatment has helped me feel not so alone.
    My husband has been on Rebif but it's not going well and I can't wait to switch him to another drug. We are also excited about BG-12.
    When you begin treatment will you let me know how it's going?
    Have you seen this: http://www.feinberg.northwestern.edu/news/2012/11/nanoparticle.html?

    Thank you again and I'm sending you health and healing :)!

    1. Tonya,

      Thanks so much! I wish the best for your husband and hope he finds a med that works for him. Hang in there!


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