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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Numb Leg On Vacation

A couple of weeks ago I was in Florida.   I know all you MS'ers are gasping.  "Florida?? In the summer??? With MS??"

Yes.  I love Florida and I love the heat.  Of course my MS doesn't but I had the attitude of who cares?  F.U. MS.   I'm going to have some fun.

Fun I did.  I swam in a cool (festive and temperature wise) pool every day.  That really seemed to help.  But, when I laid
My numb foot/leg on vacation!

 beside the pool for a while I could feel my toes going numb then on up my leg to my hip.  It was creepy to feel it.  Usually I'm busy and don't notice it until it's already numb.  But, just laying there and feeling it work it's way up was so weird.

For some reason I didn't worry.  I just let it do it's thing every day.   Then I went home and it was better.  

I'm not saying to go lay in the heat and see what happens.  I'm just sharing what happened to me and I didn't let it get to me.  That's all.

Think I'll start taking pictures of just my numb leg on vacations.  Kind of like that traveling gnome guy.....

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