I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in December 2008. This is my blog about my life living with the roller-coaster world of MS with a little humor and advice thrown in!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Read a Book Why Don't Ya

After my last few rants I feel cleansed.   That's the beauty of blogging for me.  Let it all out and I feel like I just took a yoga class and got a massage.  Beats therapy or counseling any day. (trust me) 

I have felt great these last few days. No drugged feeling fatigue Yay!  Even with the humidity worse than Florida and very little sunshine.  

It could be the combination of my rants as well as I've read several good books this week.  

Believe it or not even though I'm from the south I wear shoes (well, not if I don't have to.)  and I read.  A lot. I'm a voracious reader.   I just wanted to say voracious. (snicker)    I love that word and don't get to ease it into conversation very often. 

Reading takes me away.  Minimizes my issues whether they are physical or mental.  

There is nothing more satisfying than getting swept up in a book and immersing yourself with the characters.  

Great way to take you mind off MS stuff.  


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