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Friday, August 23, 2013

Not a Rainbow and Unicorn MS Kind of Day

I try not to be an MS whiner.  You know, everyone has an MS friend or acquaintance whose sole purpose in life is to constantly wear that "I'm hanging in there" martyr look on their face.   Sorry but they do.   So much you turn around when you see them because you just don't want to hear about it. And I have MS!   What a bad person I am.... 

I try to keep all my symptoms inside. Don't want to talk about it.  If you ask I'll say fine. I hate going into boring detail about my problems. . 

  But, today I am going to whisper in your ear what is bothering me.

Yesterday that pain in my neck started.  Literally. I have a burning pain that starts in my neck and shoots over to about mid shoulder blade.   I have had this since it came about at my last bad flare up in 2008.  It feels like someone is stabbing me. It burns and if left alone without help will creep up my neck into my face and back down through my left arm to the tip of my thumb.  It is a burning ice pick stabbing kind of pain.  My neuro says it's a residual thing from the bad flare.  As in, it probably won't go away.  Super.  So, a panic ensues  a little that what if an exacerbation is coming on and then I end up with a fireball of anxiety.  

Throw a headache from yesterday that turned in to a migraine that has lasted well into today and here I am.

Of course it's a Friday.  What concerned Neurologist with a bitch demon for a nurse (who thinks every patient is trying to score a round of steroids.Seriously??)   or a primary care Dr will ever call you back on a Friday???

Not in my neck of the woods they don't.   I'll be lucky to get a call back late Tues afternoon asking 'what problem are you having again"?

So, my choices are taking that ineffective Naproxen in which in my opinion is like taking an expensive tic tac.   Going to yoga to stretch out the muscle that's causing so much pain (Did that yesterday and the day before)  vomiting from the Migraine (did that already too) Does anyone yet sense my dissatisfaction with my circle of caregivers??  Or go around the corner to the Doc in a Box and explain while although I have MS my caregivers who are no where to be found and if you could just give me some relief without thinking I'm a meth head or druggie I would greatly appreciate it.     

So there.  I am not always sunshine and unicorns about my MS. 

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