I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in December 2008. This is my blog about my life living with the roller-coaster world of MS with a little humor and advice thrown in!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I had another person or should say acquaintance today who proceeded to tell me "You look great!  You wouldn't even know you have MS!"   Now, I'm never sure but should I be annoyed or complimented???   It's great that "I look great".   I guess.  Is it a relief to that person that I look "normal" to them?   Am I being overly sensitive and should not take it any way.   (That's what the hubs says)  I guess my thinking is that I'm worried to death about my upcoming MRI,  I'm worried that my Dr. has taken me off Copaxone and we are waiting for a new disease modifying med to hit the market "sometime in Sept." My  left hand is as strong as my right hand, the left bottom portion of my face is numb as well as my right foot.  I also slept 3 hours this afternoon (unvoluntarily) and am still in a fog all just to hear "You look great".   Reading back over this it sounds more like my personal MS pity party.  I am grateful that people look at me the way they do.  I am grateful that no matter how my week or day was prior I am still able to "pull it off"  when I would really love is a cane and a couch!!

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