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Friday, August 31, 2012

Brain Fog Week

I am declaring this Brain Fog Week.   This is one of my worst weeks experiencing fatigue and brain fog.   For those of you with MS, you have probably have suffered through this symptom.  For others, it is not simply "being tired"   (wish that it were!)    Think of the days when you pulled all-nighters.   Ok, now pretend you did 3 of those in a row. Oh, and let's pretend your not a 20 something that could do that easily.   Ok, Ok, now let's say your a 40 something year old.  And you had 3 all-nighters in a row.  And you now have to go to work and have a big meeting and then you have...........

See!  It is so hard to describe how this feels!   To me it feels like you took a sleeping pill when you woke up.  But then when you try to rest you can't sleep. Your brain is muddled and and you feel thick headed and slow.  Even physically it feels like you are trying to walk through knee deep mud.

I can always tell when I lose people in trying to describe MS fatigue.  I ramble on about how if feels and they already have that look like "oh, she's just tired"!!  It can be rather frustrating.

So, to those of you who have experienced this I say "Happy Brain Fog Week"  and hang in there.  For those of you who have not I say "I'm off to take another nap"  :)

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